Privacy Policy

Payment Policy:

Bread Roots invoices must to be paid at time of delivery (COD) without any deduction unless agreed otherwise in writing.
We accept Cash, Cheque or Money Order.

Credit Policy:

Each bakery performs independent testing and comparisons of their products and they have been able to determine based on these test results their breads are shelf stable for the duration of the best before date marked on the breads.

Recommendations have been made that stores ensure no sunlight is on the breads at anytime of the day while it is on the shelf, ensure the bread is stored in a cool area of the store, and Bread Roots takes measures to ensure your bread is kept as cool as possible during delivery.

We understand that temperature and weather conditions will affect the freshness of the bread as our bakers do not use preservatives and due to the natural ingredients mould is sometimes beyond our control. Although credit will be issued for mould prior to the best before date, the following conditions apply.

  • Credit must be requested immediately to mould being present (either by phone, fax or email)
  • Credit requests must include the following information:
  • Name of Product
  • Name of Bakery
  • Date Mould Discovered
  • Best Before Date on Product
  • Date product received at store

Any incomplete or incorrect requests will be denied.