Our Bread Roots History

Bread Roots Logo
Bread Roots has been a working company since 1993 when Colm and Pat Maher started delivering breads to small stores from a bakery called Stickling’s in a small station wagon. Over the years the two have made the company into something that would never have been possible without years of hardwork.

Today Bread Roots Inc. has well over 500 natural and organic products that they deliver from bakery to store on a 5 day a week basis. Bread Roots has grown rapidly in recent years due to the high demand for organic and natural breads as Ontario is changing into a more health conscious province. Although Bread Roots delivers to only the Southern parts of Ontario there are more ways to get these same delicious breads to the North.

“We are well aware that none of this would be possible without the creative genius of all our bakers who toil long hours making great products for the consumers. We are very proud to serve these bakers. We are also privileged to service our network of Health Food stores that do their best every day to provide the consumer with healthier food choices. Last but not least, our employees make this all happen in good weather and in bad, in slow weeks and in good weeks. They ask for orders, promote new products, do all the paperwork and deliver the bread. Every week, every day and on time.”