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Le Fournil Ancestral Bakehouse   

Bread Roots is very pleased to offer Ancestral Bakehouse’s top selling breads to our customers. Ancestral’s line of artisan breads are sourdough based and are certified organic.

Cuisine L’Angelique

We are proud to present Cuisine l’Angélique and its range of Gluten Free and Certified Organic cake and pancake mixes and all purpose flour. Nutritious and delicious!

Grainfields Bakery

Organic, Yeast-Free and Wheat-Free Sourdough Breads. For those who cannot have yeast or wheat, sugar and/or fat there is finally flavourful breads and other treats to make you happy. At Grainfields, there is something for everyone.

Inéwa Bakery

Their high fiber content combined with their low glycemic index make these breads an essential component of a balanced diet. Inewa products are certified organic and are preservative, colouring and chemical free.

Island Organix Bakery

Using only local, deliciously all natural, organic, unrefined and minimally processed ingredients to make their amazing cookies, squares, breads and patties.

Markouk­­­­­­­ Bakery

Located in beautiful Montreal, these traditional, organic wraps can be eaten alone (Amazing!) or used as a wrap for meats, veggies or even fruits and spreads.

Mestemacher Breads

Choose from a selection of Certified Organic whole meal breads and muesli cereals that are rich in roughage and fibre. Pasteurization gives the bread an extra long shelf life.

Queen St. Gluten Free

Choose from an assortment of artisanal GMO Free and Gluten Free breads made with bean flour and other nutrient-rich ingredients—and yes, they are delish!

Wheatless Wonder

Offering Gluten Free breads and buns, as well as a variety of egg and dairy free buns and bagels. If you are looking for sandwich bread for the kids or burger buns that won’t fall apart, then this is your bakery!

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